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Railroad design

Specialists of “PromGrazhdanProekt” LLC perform the following:

  • Design of new railway lines and reconstruction of exiting railway lines of general and non-general purpose also in complex engineering conditions: permafrost, seismicity up to 9 points, swamps, as well as design of railway and motor roads on a single combined roadbed;
  • Railroad stations and other operation points design;
  • Railway non-tractional consumers overhead contact and power supply system design;
  • Railway external power supply design, including substations up to 220 kV;
  • Signaling and communication systems, fiber-optic communication line design;
  • Railway infrastructure facilities design, including: electrical signalboxes, locomotives and carriages servicing depots, servicing terminals, repair and operation stations, off-loading complexes and freight yards;
  • Development of processes for railway complex enterprises operation, operation flow charts for trains and carriages at industrial enterprises, preparation of technical and administrative acts for stations, passportization of railway complex enterprises.
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