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Naryn-Lugokan railway line

“Construction of transport infrastructure for mineral resources development in the South-East of the Zabaikal region”, the 1st stage. “Construction of a new railway line Naryn - Lugokan, line section: Naryn 1 station (Borzya) - Gazimurskiy plant station”
Line length - 226 km.
1. Amendment of design (including estimate) and detail documentation for the facility with determination of 3 construction stages;
2. Passportization of as-built facilities. 


Electrical signalbox at the Aleksandrovskiy plant station

Bridge across the river

Installation of an electrical signalbox at the Naryn station

Installation of an electrical signalbox at the Gazimurskiy plant station

Railway viaduct

Embankment in the Aleksandrovo-Zavodskoy District

Excavation at the running line of the passing loop Kokuy-Bugdain station

Motor road viaduct at the Naryn station

Running line of Aleksandrovskiy plant station - passing loop Kokuy

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